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One of our company's business philosophies is: Quality is regarded as the first important, but service is the same important as Quality.

Technical Service:
We have a high-level technical department and a well-equipped laboratory to assure professional supports can be provided to our customers. And we are superior in test method and sophisticated equipments to guarantee our clients can have professional-grade technical service.

Contract Manufacturing Services:
Our clients can enjoy all-directional service about the manufacture of product at Excare Pharma Tech. From primary production to product development and product packaging to transportation, we provide an integrated system of export production for our clients. Our professional production team and progressive plant can offer various services from innovation research and high-efficient production to advanced detection analysis. Regardless of the quantity of the customer’s order, we can offer multiple choices of manufacture which include granulations, liquid extraction and spray drying to provide customers with unique, highly efficient and highly marketable products.

We also offer the following contract-manufacturing processes:

  • Proprietary processing technologies
  • Multi-Ingredient Granulations
  • Super Microfine Powdered
  • Ingredient Formulations for Direct Compression
  • Detailed Analyses of Actives
  • Capsulation and Tablet Compression
  • Finished product Packaging

Shipping Services:

Special packing and transportation are carried according to the special requirements of our clients, and ensure the timely delivery to customers and we guarantee that the shipping process no mistakes and omissions as well. Once the product was rejected by customer for any reason, the immediate return process will be done for non any argument.

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